Now that the NBA has banned Donald Sterling for life, what happens next? Donald Sterling has said that the team is not for sale. NBA commissioner Adam Silver said that it is up to the owners to decide if Sterling should be forced to sell the team. 

That vote hasn't happened yet, and nobody knows for sure if it will happen, but that hasn't stopped celebrities from expressing their interest in buying the team.

According to Fox Sports, boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. has said he wants to put together a group to buy the team. He may have competition from his boxing rival Oscar De La Hoya. The Mexican-American boxer released a statement through Golden Boy Promotions, expressing his interest to buy the team and "bring a different perspective to the NBA in general, and the Clippers in particular".

Magic Johnson has also been considered as a potential buyer for the team. Ever since Sterlings racist remarks were leaked, people have called on the Dodgers owner to buy the team. His basketball background and L.A. roots make him an ideal candidate to own the team.

People outside the sports world also have a serious interest in buying the team from Sterling. The biggest name in the mix is Oprah. ESPN is reporting that Oprah is working on a partnership with media mogul David Geffen and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison to make a bid for the team. Geffen tried to buy a stake in the team back in 2010, but Sterling turned down his offer.

A few music icons have also expressed their interest in the team. Dr. Dre told a TMZ about his interest in the buying the team. 

Diddy and Rick Ross both took to Twitter to declare their interest in owning the Clippers.

Frankie Muniz, a Clippers season ticket holder, has dreamed of owning the team for a long time. He seems to think he already has it, despite all the others interested. 

Will he be able to overcome Oprah or Diddy in a bid to own his favorite team?

Will the team even be for sale? In order to force Sterling out 3/4 of the owners would have to agree to vote him out. Adam Silver promised to do his best to lobby for that outcome, but it might be a long shot. Despite the universal revulsion about Sterlings remarks, and his long history of alleged racism, some owners are weary of forcing him out over private comments, recorded in secret.