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Dog dances to the Beer Barrel Polka (Video)

Grandma Tillie gets a case of the giggles after playing the Beer Barrel Polka while her dog dances along.
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UNC Baseball Videobombs During In-Game Interview (Video)

While North Carolina Tar Heels' pitcher Zac Gallen was giving an in-game interview, his teammates took the opportunity to videobomb him.
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Impressionist Sings Adele's 'Hello' as Cartoon Characters (Video)

During the semi-finals of "Britain's Got Talent," impressionist Craig Ball sung Adele's hit ballad "Hello" in the voices of cartoon and pop culture characters.
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Baby Copies Dog For A Treat (Video)

This adorable baby copies the moves of her pooch in order to earn a treat from her dad.
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Cute Little Toddler Can't Find His Fork (Video)

This toddler can't find his fork...even though it's in his hand.
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Riding A Roller Coaster Blind (Video)

A man, who has been blind since birth, humorously describes his experience while riding a roller coaster.
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Baby Is NOT Amused By Daddy (Video)

A new dad tries his best to make his baby giggle, but she's not having it.
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Tina the Dog Sings "Old McDonald Had a Farm" (Video)

"Old McDonald Had a Farm" sung by a dog!
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How To Make Deep Fried Water (Video)

(DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME) There is an actual way to deep fry water, and this man will show yow how.
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Driver Caught Sleeping While His Car Is On Autopilot (Video)

A man sleeps while his Tesla Model S drives on autopilot.
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