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What Happens When You Pour Sulphuric Acid On A Big Mac? (Video)

What will survive nuclear war? Cockroaches, Cher...and Big Macs.
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WATCH: What Happens When The Hot Girl From Work Talks To You

In this new sketch by Future Boyfriends, we see what happens inside an average guy when the "hot girl at work" talks to him.
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WATCH: A Compilation of 2016 Olympic News Bloopers

(PG-13 language) A collection of the best awkward and funny moments that happened during live news coverage of the 2016 Olympic Summer Games in Rio.
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Songify Me: Ryan Lochte's Interview - A Musical Parody

A musical remix parody of Ryan Lochte discussing his drunken shenanigans at the Rio Olympics with Today host Matt Lauer.
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Schoolteacher Makes A Rap Video To Welcome Kids To School Year (Video)

Mr. Reed, a fourth grade teacher, welcomes his incoming class with a rap song.
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WATCH: Kid Loses His Mind When He Finds Out He's Going To Legoland

This little boy can't contain his excitement when he finds out he's going to Legoland.
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Bad Lip Reading Of The Democratic National Convention

The DNC tackled some very unusual issues ... via bad lip reading.
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WATCH: Inventor Adds A Propeller To His 360-Degree Swing

The 360-degree swing has got even more intense with this added propeller.
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WATCH: Kid Dances Behind News Reporter

This kid totally steals the show when he starts to dance behind a reporter on live television.
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WATCH: Burglars Were Too Early For Their Robbery

Two burglars who didn't plan out their crime very well.
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