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WATCH: Magic Photobomb Prank

YouTube prankster Greg Benson returns to the famous TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood to "magically" add himself to more tourists' photos.
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Risky Business Dance with "Realistic" Audio - (No Music)

The famous dance scene from "Risky Business" with no music - just "realistic audio."
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You can now buy a 70 mph adult version of the Little Tikes toy car.

Most of us are familiar with the classic Little Tikes car, the red-and-yellow plastic vehicle that lets toddlers scoot around using  Flintstones -style  foot power. In what can only...
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Farmer Sprays Poop all Over Protesters Trespassing on His Land!!

The farmer leased his land for fracking purposes. Emma Thompson and her Greenpeace friends decided they wanted to disobey a court injunction and proceed to protest. The farmer, not having any of...
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WATCH: Cats Confused By DVD Players

An amusing compilation of cats getting confused by DVD players.
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WATCH: Awesome Dad Catch

This dad's dad reflexes kick in when his 10-month-old daughter falls backward.
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WATCH: Alligator Comes A Knockin'

A man was out walking his dog when he spotted a large alligator walking around his neighbor's property
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WATCH: Guy Built a Miniature Jurassic Park For His Pet Tortoise

A guy built a Jurassic Park-inspired outdoor enclosure for his pet tortoise.
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WATCH: How To Eat A Corn Cob In Ten Seconds

This guy demonstrates how to eat a corn on the cob in ten seconds.
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WATCH: Gwen Stefani Does Carpool Karaoke

Gwen Stefani is the latest artist to share a ride with James Corden for "Carpool Karaoke"...
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