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WATCH: One Determined Dog

This dog must have his stuffed animal... no matter what.  
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WATCH: Mom vs Kids

This mom gets a work out while dressing her kids.  
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WATCH: Dad's Creative Baby Video Proves That Babies Make EVERYTHING Cuter

This Dad decided to make the most of his time with his son. While his wife was at work, he made silly Dubsmash (lip-sync) videos and sent them to his wife.
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WATCH: Terrifying Wind-Aided Crane Collapses In New York City

A horrible accident was caught on camera today after a massive crane collapsed in Manhattan crashing into buildings before smashing several parked cars below.  
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WATCH: History: First Ever Family Feud Contestant Scores ...

History: First Ever Family Feud Contestant Scores 194 Points BY HERSELF!  
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WATCH: Cat Fails Horribly At Catching Fish

This cat doesn't understand the concept of a fish tank.  
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WATCH: Meet Melanie, The Helpful Raccoon

Melanie, the raccoon, offers a tissue when her human sneezes ...   
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WATCH: World's Scariest Taxi

If you worry about your commute...try living in Thailand where "rideshare" takes on new meaning.  
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WATCH: Irishman Struggles To Say A Simple Sentence

He just can't seem to form this ONE sentence. Not even if his life depended on it!  
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WATCH: Pets Being Weirdos

A collection of clips featuring pets being weird.  
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