Austrian Farmer Gives Up Land To Help Neighbor’s Bees

Photo: Getty Images

An Austrian farmer is going to stop farming part of his property to help support his neighbor’s bees. Franz Nigl, the owner of a medium-sized farm in Leiten, Austria, near the German border, has committed to letting around one-fifth of his farm go back to nature. The move will provide more nectar producing plants that will benefit the bees that his neighbor, Josef Krenn, keeps.

Nigl says there’s lots of talk about protecting the environment and endangered species, but not much action, so he’s doing what he can to make a positive impact. Krenn is blown away by Nigl’s decision, saying, “I’ve never experienced anything like that.”

The neighbors have been friends for years and both would like to see governments doing more to protect the environment and biodiversity. But in the meantime, they’ll do what they can to help nature. Nigl hopes that his decision will inspire other farmers to follow his lead.

Source: Buzz-Feed

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