Don’t Expect Your Delivery If You Don’t Tip Before

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It’s common courtesy to tip service workers, especially delivery drivers who are making it convenient for you to sit on your butt but still have a nice dinner. But some people don’t think tipping’s all that important, and now one workers is showing folks way it really is.

A TikTok video recently shared by @doordashtips2 shows what happens to your food if you don’t give your driver a tip. The video shows a McDonald’s location with a large amount of orders sitting and not getting picked up, with the text explaining it’s because none of the orders included a tip.

“Hello is this DoorDash support," the video reads. "I'm calling to tell the non-tippers to come pick up their orders. We don't have any more room to put these bags."

  • The video sparked quite a reaction, with many delivery drivers defending their actions.

o   "Comments saying 'I only tip afterwards!'" one commenter wrote. "Yeah I'm not taking that 50/50 chance driving 10+ miles for three bucks and no tip."

o   "Tip first so it’s worth our time," another person added. "We only have so much time to complete so many orders. We can decline. Time vs money."

o   Another added, “Tipping is optional, but so is delivering your food.”

  • But plenty of people defended not giving a tip until after the service is finished.

o   “Really though... no tip till job is done...," one person commented. "How am I supposed to tip you for a job you didn't do yet. What if you eat my food or it takes you an hour to me."

o   "Only tip afterwards," another added. "You don't get a tip before service."

Source: MSN 

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