Nurses Save The Day For New Mom Whose House Burned Down

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Delivery nurses at a Detroit hospital work together to help a mom whose house burned down while she was in labor. While Deveia Martin was at Henry Ford Hospital giving birth to her sixth child, she got a call from her neighbor saying her house was on fire. The neighbor tried to get into the house to save the family’s possessions, including all the items Deveia had just received from her recent baby shower, but everything was lost in the fire.

The delivery nurses in the room with Deveia overheard the tragic news and decided they would do what they could to help the new mother. Mesha Farrington, the unit educator for the Mom/Baby Unit at Henry Ford, got together with her coworkers to work out a plan. The hospital had some baby goods they’d collected during an annual “baby shower” event and the nurses also made personal donations.

Deveia says the nurses’ help has taken a huge weight off her shoulders. "It’s less stress because I was just thinking like ‘I need to hurry up and heal so I can get back to work and get everything for my kids.’ So to have help? It’s really a blessing, trust me," she says. Daveia, her husband and their six children still have a long journey to get back on their feet after the loss of their home, but at least they know people out there are willing to help.

Source: WXYZ

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