People Share Foods They Stopped Buying Because Of Inflation

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If you’ve been grocery shopping recently, you know how much more expensive some things have gotten. CNN reports that food prices are up 11.4% over this time last year and some items have gone up even more in price. And a lot of people are changing their shopping habits as a result.

A Redditor asks the “Frugal” section, “What foods have you stopped buying (even though you can afford to) because of inflation over the last two years?” And this is what the people of Reddit had to say:

  • "For me, the two that come to mind are watermelon (my local store has them for $11 — no thank you) and hummus. I love both but I refuse to pay these inflated prices, even though I can. I vote with my wallet."
  • "Avocados. They went from $4.99 to $9.99 at Costco for a bag of six."
  • "Frozen pizzas have gotten out of hand. It's cheaper to just get Domino's or Little Caesar's."
  • "Cherries. I will eat an entire bag in one sitting, but not at $25 per bag. I miss the old $8.99."
  • "Wings! They used to be $8-$9 for a family pack and now they are more than $16."
  • My Chobani yogurts. I love them. But they cut the size in half and made it over 150% the cost."
  • "Carbonated beverages. I used to always have Fresca in the house. Now, rarely."
  • "I stopped buying chicken for a few months. The price is coming down, but not by much. I’ve cut back on eggs too, which sucks because we use a lot of them!!!"
  • "Potato chips … a bag used to cost around $3.50. Now it's gone up to $5.95."
  • "Irish butter. Man, that stuff is so good. But $7 for two sticks of butter is steep."
  • "Bacon! It’s gotten super expensive here."
  • "Last grocery trip, I refused to buy potatoes. They were $7 for a 10-pound bag. It’s still a pretty cheap food, but only a few months ago, that same bag was $4. And this was at Aldi."
  • "My household is mostly plant-based and I used to keep veggie burgers/sausage/etc in the freezer for quick meals. Now it's peanut butter sandwiches."
  • "I scanned a bag of grapes the other day and it came out to $11, so I guess I’m never buying grapes again."

Source: Reddit

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