Maryland Man’s Halloween Candy Stop Leads To $1M Powerball Prize

Photo: Getty Images

A Maryland man stopped to grab some Halloween candy and ended up winning $1-million in the lottery. A former information technology worker who lives in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Bowie, Maryland, was in a hurry to get home, but needed to pick up some Halloween candy, so he made a quick stop at a Giant grocery store.

The Powerball jackpot for that evening had rolled over to $800-million and he wanted in on the action, so he bought ten quick-pick tickets for the drawing. A loyal Powerball player, he didn’t get a chance to check the winning numbers that night and the next morning he learned that no one had hit the jackpot. But he looked up his tickets anyway and on the last of his ten tickets he realized he’d won $1-million.

At first, he couldn’t believe his good luck, but after having his brother confirm the winning numbers, he says he felt a sense of relief. He’s going to use his winnings to continue to take care of his father, but he’s not giving up on playing to win the Powerball jackpot, which as of today stands at a record $1.9-billion.

Source: UPI

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