Buffalo Bills Give Super Bowl Tix To Man Who Saved Group From Blizzard

Digging Minivan Out of Snowdrift

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The Buffalo man who broke into a school to save the lives of two dozen people during a deadly blizzard is being rewarded with Super Bowl tickets. We told you about the man they were calling Merry Christmas Jay who helped save more than 20 people from the epic pre-Christmas blizzard in Upstate New York. He was praised by local police for his act of heroism and now he’s being given tickets to Super Bowl LVII in Arizona.

Two days before Christmas, while the Buffalo area experienced a snowstorm that brought 50 inches of snow, Cheektowaga resident, 27-year-old Jay Withey headed out into the nasty weather to pick up a friend. Soon Withey found himself stranded in the whiteout conditions and left his car to try and find someplace warm to ride out the storm. Out of desperation, Withey ended up breaking into a nearby school, but soon ventured back out into the storm to rescue more than 20 other people stuck in the snow.

After the storm, Cheektowaga police were on the search for Withey, not to lock him up, but to praise him for saving two dozen people from the deadly blizzard. And this past week, legendary Buffalo Bills running back Thurman Thomas and his wife Patti met up with Withey to give him two tickets to this year’s Super Bowl in Arizona on February 12th. The tickets are a gift from the Bills and Blue Cross Blue Shield for his life saving act. "I never would have imagined that I would get super bowl tickets,” Withey says. “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity."

Source: CNN

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