Daughter’s Transplant Inspires Dad To Donate Kidney To Stranger

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A dad in Wales is inspired to donate his kidney to a stranger after his daughter received a life-saving transplant. When Arfon Jones’ 19-year-old daughter Seren became very sick and was told she’d need to have both of her kidneys removed and was put on a transplant list, he found out about kidney donor chains. So the 70-year-old Cardiff man signed up to be tested.

Arfon wasn’t a match for his daughter and she ended up getting the life-saving kidney she needed without him having to donate his kidney to anyone. After Seren’s successful surgery, they told her dad that he could get off the living donor list, but something told him that he should stay on the list and pay forward the kindness given to his daughter. "It was as if I heard a voice telling me 'there is someone else who needs your kidney,'” he recalls, “And I just felt that I had to stay on the list."

Just before last Christmas, around eight months after his daughter’s surgery, Arfon was told that he’d matched with someone and underwent the procedure to donate his kidney. He doesn’t know who received his kidney, but he’s been told they’re doing well and he’s glad he went through with the donation. "It felt like I'd given someone quite a nice Christmas present,” he says, “And it was nice to know that I'm healthy enough to donate a kidney given that I'm almost 70."

Source: BBC

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