Georgia Business Owners Create College Scholarships By Donating Earnings

Photo: Getty Images

A retired Georgia couple runs a small business just so they can give back to the community. After working 35 years in the workforce, Jack and Juli Poole retired to North Augusta to become small business owners. But instead of using the profits from their business for themselves, they have pledged to give away 100% of the earnings to create trade school scholarships.

About a year ago, the Pooles moved to the Central Savannah River Area and bought a frozen dessert shop called Vampire Penguin just to fulfill their dream to help young people succeed. “We wanted something that could generate scholarships on an ongoing basis,” Jack says. “And a small business we thought would be perfect for that.”

Last month, the Pooles donated their first check to help students at Aiken Technical College in Graniteville, South Carolina, and they say it felt good, but it’s just the start. “As long as we own this business, and we’re profitable, we’re going to continue to pump the profits over to the scholarships,” the couple says. “That’s what the store is for.”

Source: WRDW

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