Vegas Tourist Pulls Man From Car Just Before It Bursts Into Flames

Photo: Getty Images

An alleged drunk driver in Las Vegas is lucky to be alive today and he owes it all to a tourist and a cop who saved his life. A video of the incident shows Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer Derek Stebbins and good Samaritan Justin Mouser rush to rescue the driver right after his car smashed into a median and a palm tree on the Vegas strip.

Mouser, who was there on vacation from Kentucky with his wife, says Stebbins warned the crowd to stand back from the crash, but he felt he had to rush in to help anyway. The pair quickly worked together to pull the unconscious driver from the front seat, freeing him only seconds before the car was engulfed in flames.

The driver was reportedly taken to the hospital, where he was charged with a DUI, failure to maintain lane and proof of insurance charges, but he owes his life to these two men. Mouser and Stebbins are being called heroes for their efforts. Stebbins says, “He’s just as much of a hero as I am from just wanting to stick around and help get that gentleman out.”

Source: NY Post

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