Man Pries Head Out Of Crocodiles Mouth While Snorkling

Photo: Getty Images

This is way worse than looking a gift horse in the mouth…A man was forced to pry his head out of a crocodile’s mouth recently while snorkeling off the coast of Australia. Marcus McGowan, 51, says when it became clear he wasn’t being attacked by a shark, “I realized it was a crocodile. I was able to lever its jaws open just far enough to get my head out.” However, the croc came back for more and bit McGowan’s hand when he tried to fend the creature off.

McGowan was quickly taken by boat to The Charles Hardy Islands and airlifted to a hospital. The man, a seasoned snorkeler, thinks the giant reptile was a juvenile between six and nine feet long. Not one to take things personally, McGowan admits, “I was simply in the wrong place, at the wrong time.” Fun fact – the area he was in is known as “croc country” and people there are always asked to practice “crocwise behavior.”

Source: NY Post

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