Social Media Leads Houston Man To Donate Kidney To Stranger

Photo: Getty Images

For more than a decade, Houston resident Dave Barrett has been battling an autoimmune disease and in 2021, his worsening condition led to kidney failure. His survival required kidney dialysis treatment three times a week, but that was unsustainable and his friends and family started the search for a kidney donor.

Barrett’s wife posted to the neighborhood app Nextdoor to get the word out about their kidney search and the post was seen by their neighbor Benny Hooper. For years, Hooper had been thinking about becoming a living organ donor and was inspired to take the leap after reading Barrett’s story. The two men contacted one another and realized they had a lot in common. They both drove the same make and color car, both had dogs named Lulu, both lived in the same neighborhood, and as it turns out, they were a perfect match for a kidney transplant.

The neighbors underwent successful transplant surgery at Houston Methodist Hospital. Hooper has completely healed and is back to his normal routine, while Barrett is feeling better than he has in many years. And through the process, Barrett and Hooper have become close friends. Barrett hopes other people will hear their story and be inspired to donate, saying, “There’s a lot more need than there are kidneys available."

Source: FOX 26 HOUSTON

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