Rodeo Concert Ticket Demand Causes Online Chaos For Buyers

Houstonians experienced major issues when attempting to purchase Houston Live Stock Show & Rodeo tickets. Some of the artists on high demand includes George Strait and Cardi B which sold out almost immediately after the tickets went on sale. Some buyers experienced serves kicking them out of the "online waiting rooms" due to bots and scalpers. The average wait time to buy these tickets were two hours and thirty minutes. Many people were disappointed after the server notified them that tickets were no longer available. According to Channel 2 Houston, 12,000 people tried to purchase tickets for Cardi B, but only 14,000 were being sold. The system works as a lottery and randomly selects buyers. Many people took their frustrations to social media after they were not able to purchase a single ticket.


Rodeo Houston took the time to respond to people on twitter and posted the following statement:

Dana Tyson

Dana Tyson

LOVE The Builder SUNNY 99.1 Morning Show HOST LOVE husbands· kids· dogs EastEnd FIXER-UPPER LOVE laughter #DoHardThings


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