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Houston's Hermann Park: Please don't feed the ducks

The City of Houston is asking Hermann Park visitors to stop feeding the ducks.

Why? Kelli Andracek, the city's manager of natural resources, says the duck population there has increased dramatically in recent months because too much food is available for them.

Ducks are prolific breeders, she says ... especially the muscovy species. That breed's population has really exploded.

Photo: Getty Images

Muscovys are the big black-and-white ducks with bumpy red faces. They were originally bred as a human food source, not as the kind of water fowl intended for placid public parks.

And they're very messy, leaving loads of feces all over the ground.

Andracek says there are more than 150 domestic ducks at the park, so some just must be evicted. By eliminating their food source, she hopes a number of the invasive species will take the hint and move on.

Signs asking park visitors not to feed the ducks have been put in place, and Andracek says she hopes that will do the trick. Otherwise, monitors will need to be assigned to warn visitors of the rule.

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