Hailey Bieber Opens Up About Her Marriage With Justin, 'I Really Am Lucky'

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Hailey Bieber joined Demi Lovato's 4D With Demi Lovato podcast and addressed rumors about her marriage with Justin Bieber by putting them to rest. While online their relationship has been picked apart through various photos, Hailey Bieber wanted to make sure to set the record straight.

"There's so many narratives that float around about me, about him, about us together," Hailey Bieber said. "Like Justin is not nice to her and mistreats her and I'm just like, it's so far from the truth and it's the complete and utter opposite. I really am lucky to say I'm with someone who is extremely respectful to me and who makes me feel special every single day. So when I see the opposite of that I'm just like, huh?"

Justin and Hailey Bieber first became engaged in 2018, the two getting married shortly after. The couple had an official ceremony in Bluffton, South Carolina in September 2019, after a year of marriage. The two recently celebrated their third wedding anniversary at this year's Met Gala.

"You have to be able to fight all the lies and all the s*** that people come up with, with what's actually the truth. So if the lie is, 'They're miserable in their relationship,' well, the truth is that we literally never have been more obsessed with each other and we have so much fun together. And you have to surround yourself with people who remind you of that, too. I think Justin does a very good job of reminding me, cause I have my low days where it's just too much and all the things people are saying, I can't take it today, and he'll come in and be like, 'well, the truth is this, the truth is that, you know, you're good and you're secure and loved and all of your friends love you, and you're family loves you, and I love you."

Justin and Hailey Bieber also attended this year's MTV Video Music Awards, where Bieber made his first performance at the show in six years. The "Peaches" singer opened up the evening after being introduced by Madonna, with Bieber inviting The Kid LAROI onstage for their collaboration, "Stay," and continuing on with his Justice track, "Ghost." Hailey Bieber also acted as a presenter for the evening's awards.

See the full interview below. Bieber's comments about her marriage begin at 17:57.

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