Ohio Firefighter Saves Firefighter While Vacationing In Hawaii

Photo: Getty Images

A tropical vacation turned into a lifesaving mission for a firefighter and paramedic from Ohio. Jeremy Gillespie was enjoying a trip to Maui with friends when he stepped up to save the life of a local firefighter.

Last week, intense rains slammed the island, causing flash flooding. Jeremy says the street by his condo was completely underwater and as he stood on the porch, he noticed two firefighters around 50 feet from shore, dragging what looked like a body, so he rushed to help them. They were carrying a 24-year-old fellow firefighter, who had been responding to the flooding and somehow fell into a storm drain and was knocked unconscious.

“He fell into a manhole or some kind of drain and was swept, they said, about 800 yards out into the ocean,” Jeremy recalls. He started CPR while the others went to get an AED, but it wouldn’t work because it was soaking wet in the rain. But the young firefighter suddenly regained a pulse and though he’s still in critical condition, he’s alive today because of Jeremy’s efforts.

Source: Fox 8

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