5 Things I've Learned After 1 Year In My Apartment

1.  Don't be too proud to ask for help.

Yes, you want to prove to your family that you can be independent.  At the same time though, they will always be willing to help when you need it.  If your mom wants to help pay a bill every now and then, or if you need your dad to help you fix something, don't be too proud to speak up and ask for help.  Don't forget to thank them accordingly after they assist you.  You may have flown the coop, but you don't have to go it alone.

2.  Learn how to take care of things by yourself though.

Your parents are there to help, but they shouldn't hold your hand all the time.  We millennials don't call it "adulting" for nothing.  You need to learn how to do that.  Schedule appointments by yourself.  Pay your bills on time.  Take care of things you need to do at your job.  It's all a part of growing up.

3.  You're going to eat a lot of PB&J.

Even though I've gotten better with this, eating out is one thing that kills my money situation.  It's tempting to order food all the time when you're on your own, believe me.  And I'm not saying never eat out; treat yourself once every week or so.  Still, factor groceries into your budget, pay attention to prices, and learn how to cook.  Worse comes to worse, you can never go wrong with a good PB&J (or PB&Banana if you're like me).

4.  Separate your wants from your needs.

Cliche, I know.  However, this is crucial when it comes to staying afloat in your money situation.  Not that I've done this, but dropping a lot of cash on a sound system when you have rent due soon probably isn't the best idea.  Being smart with money will make life a little less stressful.  So know what stuff you need to purchase, and what stuff should be asked for for Christmas.

5.  Be grateful for everything you have.

Chances are, you won't have a place that you'll want to show off to MTV Cribs (if the show were still around).  You won't have fancy appliances or high end furniture or a 79" HD LED LCD TV ( that's too many letters, and inches of screen).  The fact that you have a refrigerator, food to eat, stuff to drink, clothes to wear, a couch, a bed, a TV. running water, heating and cooling, family, friends, a job, and a roof over your head should make you feel, at the very least, content with life.  What you have is what you need to sustain your life.  You better give thanks to God, your loved ones, or whoever for all you have! 

Corey Klug

Corey Klug

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