Full 'Pink Moon' Coming This Easter, Here's How to See It

Pink Moon is going to rise this Easter – appearing on Good Friday in the skies over Britain.

Just to manage expectations here, it won’t actually be pink: a ‘Pink Moon’ is the term for the full moon in April.

It’ll appear on Friday 12 April, beginning at 12.12 British Summer Time.

The term ‘Pink Moon’ comes from a spring flower, Wild Ground Phlox, also known as Moss Phlox which grows in North America, and appear at the time of April’s full moon.

The full moon is linked to the date of Easter, with Easter falling on the Sunday after the full moon that appears after the spring equinox.

The rules date from the First Council of Nicaea in 325BC, with the council deciding that the moon would help pilgrims travel for Easter.

It’s also referred to as the Egg Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, Growing Moon or Full Fish Moon.

Dana Tyson

Dana Tyson

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