#DelilahBookClub ... "Oliver" | Our March Book


We love the furry members of our families! There is nothing quite like the absolutely unconditional love and devotion they provide, and in doing so, help to calm, to comfort, and complete us, making us better humans in the process.

Imagine, for just a second, if one of your fur babies were stolen… That’s what happened to Steven J. Carino, on Valentine’s Day 2019. Steven, a professional driver, had been in the car for many many hours that day. Oliver wasn’t normally with him on his trips, but it was Valentine’s after all, and Steven felt bad about leaving him at home on such a long work day.

So he’d asked his client if she would mind his little doggo tagging (wagging) along. She didn’t.

His client safely transported to her destination and his day coming to a close, Steven made a stop before he got home. He let Oliver out to do his business, then put him back in the SUV and made a quick run into the store he’d parked in front of to make a quick purchase. When he came back out, Oliver was gone.

To say he was devastated to find Oliver missing wouldn’t begin to describe his emotions. But not to worry, this story has a happy ending. A wonderful ending. Actually, it has a beautiful “beginning” due to the unbelievable outpouring of concern and assistance in reuniting Steven with his Oliver.

“In a series of near-impossible coincidences, people from different walks of life crossed paths with Oliver and with Steven. Hard working immigrants, wealthy suburbanites, car mechanics, deli workers, old friends, close relatives, street cops, gang members, a TV news reporter, social media followers around the world, and one very gifted hairdresser all played a part in Steven’s desperate journey to find Oliver. “

You don’t have to be a dog-lover or animal nut like me to enjoy this book. But if you’re looking for something to restore or perhaps just reaffirm your faith in people, in the magic of kindness, in the power of community, you’ll want to pick up a copy of Oliver. Because, as Steven says, “This is more than just a dog story. This is an everybody story. This is a love story.”

I’m always game for a good story, and especially keen on love stories! I got my copy, and here’s where you can get yours: