A little about me... I was born in Fort Worth, Tx. Explains why you hear me mention "the Cowboys" on occasion. Being a fan is in the blood as that's where my Mom's side of the family calls home. As my father got promoted we relocated, first as an infant to St. Albans, WV, then to the west side of Cleveland where I spent my jr. and high school years. I had the garage rock band, crashed concerts, and worshiped all things WMMS especially Kid Leo. That would be the rock radio station, home of the buzzard, and afternoon DJ I thought was the coolest. Never imagined at that time I'd find myself in the radio biz. After a short educational experiment at Ohio University which was a blast, I found myself headed for San Antonio, Tx. for Air Force basic training. Hmmm. Turns out they had this job where one did radio and TV stuff. Sounded good to me. Next stop Ft. Benjamin Harrison, the Defense Information School near Indianapolis for a crash course in the career specialty officially called Armed Forces Radio and Television. Somehow I got around a high washout rate to move on in the field, an all overseas operation that brings English speaking radio and television programming to our soldiers abroad. Think the movie Good Morning Vietnam, without the war of course or the comedic genius of Robin Williams. Turns out it was a pretty good fit for me and I was into what I would be doing to this day. After four years at Elmendorf AFB in Achorage, AK. where I earned a private pilots license, ice fished, skiied, played midnight softball in the summer, I got out and stayed on up there working at commercial stations for a few more years and continued to do all of the above. Dropped down to Dallas/Ft. Worth for awhile, worked around the Tulsa, OK, Joplin, MO area for awhile then in 1990 headed north. I was aiming for Columbus where my brother calls home but missed. I'm still in Wheeling 23 years later so something must have been right about landing here. My Wheeling experience has included a lot of carousing, Wednesday night softball in Oglebay, racquetball, a degree from WJU, lots of weddings, and ongoing involvement with Easter Seals and other area organizations like Wheeling Health Right, March of Dimes, and Big Brother/Big Sister where my radio position can be of service. Read more: http://www.wkwkfm.com/pages/JimConner2008.html#ixzz1LUrrayPq




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